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The Area - How Big is the house in Real Estate Market?

The Area – How Big is the house in Real Estate Market?

Bhakti Ambience Baner, Pune

The Area – How Big is the house in Real Estate Market?

For some obscure reason, measuring Pune Real Estate is unduly complicated. This is a result of or outdated and complex Real Estate and tax laws. There are three commonly used ways of measuring when you buying a flat with new residential projects in Pune. It is important to know what these are; else you might think you are getting a real bargain, while you might actually get a raw deal.

Carpet area at new projects in Pune – For all practical purposes, this is the usable area of the flat which is providing by Pune builders and developers. The term rakes its name from carpet and essentially means the area that could be carpeted, if one were to cover to every inch of the floor with a carpet. The carpet area is effectively the area bounded by the internal walls of the flats in Pune.

Built- up area for Property in Pune – This is the area of the flats as measured by the external dimensions of your apartment. Another way to look at it is – the carpet area plus the walls ! A general rule of thumb says that built up area is usually 18-25 % more than the carpet area. Super-built up area for Pune Properties – This concept has been designed for confusion.

This area includes the common spaces like lifts, lobby, landings, building staircase and the like. Naturally, this is only applicable in the case of multi – dwelling units. As you can expect, there is a great variance in how these are calculated for different buildings. It is more difficult here to provide a rule of thumb. However, depending on the individual situation, super-built-up areas can be as much as 35% more than usable carpet area. Usually, it is not so high, but one must be aware of the possible divergence from the carpet area.

All this terminology might seem unnecessary, but it is vital. Many sellers don’t clarify whether the area is super-built-up or carpet. In fact, most advertisements tend to work on the super-built-up area, in order to present an apparently irresistible rate per square foot. So make sure you always ask for the carpet area. If this is not available, try to figure out a reasonable conversion ratio, and determine the approximate carpet area. Only then will you be able to calculate whether the rates are appropriate or not.